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The production of the CBD oil

The Hemplix® CBD oil consists of pure, natural CBD resin enriched with cold pressed hemp seed oil. Using our highly experienced pharmacists we are able to offer a CBD/Cannabinoid content from 6% to 24% per 10 ml bottle.

Production takes place in a protected environment where we extract the CBD oil from the Swiss cannabis plants using a specialist ultrasonic extraction process. This is the most advanced, exclusive and gentle process that preserves the valuable and beneficial ingredients of the plant. CBD oils obtained using this process are generally considered to be very pure and of the highest quality.

Properties and quality features of the CBD oil

The CBD oils from Hemplix are made from an oil-soluble CBD resin. At room temperature the higher CBD content resin becomes firm like butter. This CBD resin only mixes with oil and we use organic hemp seed oil, instead of the more common olive oil, to create our Hemplix products. To mix the two substances, the CBD resin is slightly warmed before being mixed with the hemp seed oil.

The proportion of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which triggers the known and unpleasant “high” is below 0.2% in all our products and is therefore harmless and barely noticeable. Our CBD products are not psychoactive, meaning they do not cause any feelings of being “high”. Since the CBD resin in the oil can get a bit thick at room temperature, we recommend that you gently warm the CBD vials using warm water before using. This makes the CBD oil thinner, lighter and easier to ingest.

Extension of our Hemplix® CBD oils

Our CBD oil range includes the popular Natural Line, which ranges from 6% CBD to 24% CBD/Cannabinids, covering all the needs of our customers. We are unique in the CBD industry where we also offer a series of flavoured oils. As an alternative to the natural flavoured oils we offer Blackcurrant, Cherry, Orange and Coconut flavoured oils. The different flavours have the same high-quality organic raw materials and form absolutely no disadvantages or restrictions for our customers. The CBD flavours appeal to customers who are struggling with the bitter and woody natural taste of CBD oils and can help make it easier to digest. We are constantly expanding our assortment, improving and refining the recipe to offer a highly specialized CBD hemp product for you.

Advantages of ultrasound

High-power ultrasound improves mass transfer between the sample and the solvent. As a result, the use of solvents can be reduced or avoided entirely. The extractions times are greatly reduced so that the extracts are no longer exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. This means that any damage and decomposition of the extract can be avoided.

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Do you have questions about CBD Oil Production?

If you have any questions please feel free to call or write to us.

S.T.U GmbH
Industriestrasse 7
CH-4410 Liestal

Tel: 0800 0331 700 (Free)
E-Mail: info@hemplix.ch

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CBD oil 100% Made in Switzerland

Discover our CBD Oils from 6% to 24% CBD.

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Open questions?

We are happy to advise you on all CBD-relevant questions during our opening hours. We look forward to your call.


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