How to Start Selling Hemplix CBD Oil and Buy Wholesale

How to Start Selling Hemplix CBD Oil and Buy Wholesale

Savvy entrepreneurs make their money when they learn to read the market and understand emerging trends. This allows them to get ahead of the curve by introducing innovative products to a ready market. The CBD niche is one of these exciting opportunities with the popularity of the CBD products exploding across the UK.

There are many different ways to get started, but one of the best options is to buy Hemplix CBD wholesale and grow your business with the backing of a high-quality, reputable brand. This is because consumers are increasingly discerning, and most do their homework before deciding on a brand. Selling Hemplix CBD oil gives your business the added element of trust because of their standing in the market that is backed by rigorous scientific R&D and a commitment to producing only the highest-quality CBD.

Why Choose Hemplix CBD?

There are four important features that Hemplix offers that make it the premier CBD in the UK:

1.      The CBD Source

Hemplix CBD oil is made exclusively from organically grown industrial hemp in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. The crops are grown in full compliance with the strict EU regulations that govern the industrial hemp industry.

2.      The Production Process

Hemplix CBD oil is made from pure, completely natural CBD extract that is combined with high-quality cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Skilled Swiss pharmacists have created a range offering between 6% and 48% CBD per 10ml.

In the extraction process, CBD is removed from the industrial hemp plant using a specialist ultrasonic extraction process. This unique, highly advanced method is gentle and therefore preserves the important compounds of the plant for maximum efficacy. CBD oils that are extracted in this way are extremely pure and considered to be of the highest quality.

Hemplix’s powerful ultrasound extraction process improves the mass transfer between the industrial hemp and the solvent (the hemp seed oil), which avoids the use of harmful solvents. It also offers a greatly reduced extraction time, so that the CBD is not exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time as is the case with other extraction methods. This ensures that the extract is not subject to damage or decomposition and all the ingredients such as CBD, CBDA, and CBG are better preserved.

3.      CBD Ingredients

The CBD extract from the industrial hemp is in the form of an oil-soluble resin that at room temperature becomes firm (like butter). As the extract mixes only with oil, it is mixed with hemp seed oil that has a number of different health-supporting benefits, and together that forms the base of the Hemplix range of products. The organic hemp seed oil has a better taste profile when combined with the CBD extract compared to bitter-tasting products that are made with olive oil or sunflower oil. In order to create the CBD oil, the extract is warmed slightly then mixed with the oil.

The proportion of THC (the cannabinoid associated with the ‘high’ that is associated with cannabis) is carefully monitored and in all Hemplix products is below 0.2%. This trace amount will, therefore, not have a psychoactive effect on the end consumer.

4.      Third-Party Lab Testing and Reports

Hemplix regularly tests their products to ensure that they exceed stringent quality regulations and controls. The products are submitted for both internal and independent third-party testing, the results of which are available for customers to view. These reports verify that Hemplix products:

  • Contain the level of CBD that is printed on the bottle
  • Are full-spectrum containing other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBN
  • Are free from growth hormones, pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides
  • Do not contain chemical solvents or microbes

The Hemplix Product Range

The range is constantly evolving as Hemplix pharmacists continue to innovate and design products that will best meet the needs of their customers. The product lines include CBD oils, CBD cream, CBD rollers, and CBD globules.

1.      CBD Oils

  • Natural Line – this includes a range of oils in strengths between 6% and 48% CBD content, (the oils are available in 6%, 12%, 18%, 24% and 48%).
  • Flavoured Line – a series of flavoured oils including blackcurrant, cherry, orange, and coconut, available in 6% strength. The flavours have the same high-quality ingredients but make the CBD easier to ingest as natural CBD can have a bitter, woody taste that consumers may find difficult to consume sublingually.

2.      CBD Cream

The Hemplix CBD cream forms part of the Health Line and can be used to massage into any area of the body as required. It has a creamy shea butter base and contains CBD extract from industrial hemp leaves.

3.      CBD Canna Roller

This innovative product (also part of the Health Line), is used to support health and wellness and can be applied topically to a target area such as the back, neck, arms, legs & joints.

4.      CBD Globules

CBD Globules are part of the Hemplix Health Line. Produced from organic sugar water and infused with CBD extracted from organic Swiss cannabis flower essence, CBD Globules is a homeopathy health solution (comparably with the potency of D2).

Become a Hemplix CBD Wholesaler

Hemplix makes it easy for people to start selling their products in the UK. To become a distributor, one simply needs to contact them during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:30 hrs to 12:00 hrs and 13:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs), and they’ll walk you through the process of becoming a Hemplix reseller. Alternatively, please send them a mail on info@hemplix.co.uk.

During the exploratory phase, Hemplix will give you everything you need to get set up, including:

  • Competitive wholesale prices
  • Supporting marketing materials
  • Training on the range of products
  • Access to a customer support agent for ongoing support

Ready to get started in the exciting world of CBD?

Hemplix looks forward to partnering with you to make your business a success. They’re available to provide ongoing support so that you can hit the ground running and build a profitable CBD business in the UK.

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