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Buy CBD Flavored Oils – Hemplix UK

Hemplix offers a unique range of flavoured 6% CBD Oils. These oils are available with an added flavouring of Orange, Blackcurrant, Coconut and Cherry. They are especially popular with people who prefer a sweeter taste or struggle with the natural taste of CBD Oils.

The valuable CBD elements of the plant are extracted using ultrasound, a process unique to Switzerland and the most gentle extraction process. This ensures the highest quality of product with no added chemicals or substances. All the important ingredients of the plant (such as CBD, CBDA and CBG) are better preserved using this method.

After extraction, the CBD is dissolved in organic hempseed oil (reducing the more bitter taste associated with CBD mixed with olive oil) and the flavouring is added.

These flavoured oils contain the same high quality and organic ingredients that can be found in our natural oils.